G.A.P. stands for Good Agricultural Practice and Global G.A.P. is the worldwide certification that insures it.

Global G.A.P. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in safe and sustainable food production.

Global GAP

All Farm Standard:

  • Planning and management of areas: identification and risk assessment of every field.
  • Employee’s health, security and welfare: Workplace assessment, first aid and equipment.
  • Waste management: Plan to secure handling of different kinds of waste.
  • Environment and Nature:description of the company’s attitude towards nature and environment.

Crop Base Standard:

  • Traceability: registered products are to be traced from farm to customer
  • Story of the fields: documentation and records of crop on every area.
  • Management of land:soil maps and cultivation techniques.
  • Addition of fertilizer: g management and registration of fertilizer, supplies and plans for fertilizer, storage of fertilizer.
  • Irrigation and fertigation method: irrigation permits, quality of water, irrigation method.
  • Integrated pest management: knowledge of predators.
  • Plant protection products: spray plans, registration of spraying and storage of chemicals.
  • Equipment: documentation due to calibration of equipment.

Flowers and Ornamentals Standard:

  • Order Confirmation with agreement of quality etc.Agreement with customer.
  • Soil and Substrates: Documentation of sphagnum quality and origin
  • Use of fertilizer:Measurements of fertilizer in relation to the plant’s needs
  • Storage of fertilizer:Storage of acid to fertilizer use.
  • Use of chemicals: Only chemical accepted in Denmark will be used.
  • Harvesting of products:Handling of products during harvesting, and conditions of hygiene.

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  • There is no discrimination.
  • The procedure for employment is transparent.
  • All employees have the same rights.
  • No disciplinary measures shall be applied.
  • Minors shall not be employed.
  • There is no forced labour.
  • Overtime is voluntary.
  • The company allows collective agreement.
  • Employees have the right to establish or join ant organization of their choice.
  • In case of an accident at the location, the employee is offered transport to the nearest doctor/ emergency department.
  • Risk group are not put to work that is dangerous to their health or safety.
  • Rules on maternity, sick leave and severance cover have been complied with.
  • Employees can contact the employee representative about their employment relationship, working conditions or any other dissatisfaction or complaint.

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