Terms of Business for pot grown Abies Nordmanniana. 

  • Prices are ex. nursery. After order within normal working hours. Prices are valid if trees are available. Prices are based on sale autumn 2023.
  • Payment in advance or as agreed.
  • If delayed payment, interest, and fee will be charged.
  • The prices are valid from Fall 2023.
  • Confirmation of order can be changed, due to growing conditions until 15/9-2023.
  • Costs for Phytosanitary certificates and expenses related hereby, (sales to areas where the EU Plant passport is not applicable) will be added. For exports outside the EU, please advise the country and we can inform about the additional costs.
  • Price for attaching price label = 0,15 Euro/cent.
  • If we receive customers own labels before 1st of July, the price will be Euro 0,20 Cent/ Customers own label pr tree.
  • If we receive customers own labels before 1st of August, the price will be Euro 0,27 Cent/ Customers own label pr tree.
  • If we receive customers labels after 10th of august, Kirstineberg will charge Euro 0,54 Cent/Customers own label pr. tree.
  • Price for customers own labels after normal labeling of Kirstineberg labels Euro 0,27 Cent.
  • Price for application of barcode of Kirstineberg labels = Euro 0,10 Cent
  • Direct labelling with customer labels and cancelling of order = Euro 0,24 Cent plus 10 % of the amount of signed order confirmation.
  • Cancelling of order before 1/10, 10 % of the order confirmation will be charged.
  • Cancelling of order after 1/10 = 20 % of the order confirmation will be charged.
  • Trucks will be loaded between 8:00 am – 16:00 pm. Kirstineberg provides the necessary personal/ machines, encloses delivery note. When the buyer places a truck and nothing else has been agreed, the car/ truck must be a curtain trailer with a height of at least 260 cm when loading. Buyer pays for waiting time and overtime allowance unless otherwise agreed.
  • Loading between 16:00-18:00 pm, Euro 80 per hour.
  • Loading between 18:00-20:00 pm, Euro 107 per hour.
  • Loading Saturday and Sunday, Euro 107 per hour.
  • All reprocessing and selection, takes place according to Kirstineberg´ s selection instructions for potted trees, you can read more about the selection here: https://kirstineberg.com/en/products/potgrown-abies-nordmanniana/
  • If the buyer wishes to inspect, the seller has a duty to present the stands from which goods for a given delivery are delivered.
  • Agreed delivery conditions must be complied by both parts. Deviation can only occur when both parts agree to this. Delay due to either declaration on the boarder or due to weather conditions, the buyer must accept these costs.
  • Items are delivered freely on a car by a car fixed road. By car fixed road means a road on which a truck/ semi-trailer can run. Where nothing else has been agreed, the place for unloading is one of the loadings bays at Kirstineberg A/S.
  • To the extent that there has been no deviation from this agreement, the Purchase Act regulates the legal relationship between the parties.
  • Complaints about quality and/ or quantity must be received by the seller in writing no later than 72 hours after receipt of the goods, at info@kirstineberg.dk. Complaints about hidden defects must be reported to the seller within 14 days of receipt. Pictures of the damaged trees must be submitted.
  • The price for transportation is a guidance due to the market situation. Final prices for transportation will be finalised during fall.
  • This information concerning sale conditions is available at kirstineberg.com under “sale conditions”.

Force majeure: If there are damages on the trees, reservations are made for delivery due to damages on trees were Kirstineberg do not have an influence, as damage due to hard winter, hot summer, damage due to insects etc.
Reservations are also made due to strikes, lock-out and other external situations, which prevent delivery.