The potted Christmas trees can be picked up loosely or delivered on CC containers and CT pallets. Before dispatch, the trees are packed individually into nets.


There are from 100 to 200 potted trees per pallet, depending on the size of the trees. This is the cheapest transport system. This is well functioning. One should be aware of the weight of pallet, it can be up to 1700 kg. However, it can be loaded simply by hand if there is no forklift.

 The measure of the pallet is 120 cm x 190 cm x 240 cm. There can be 14 pallets on a 13,6 m trailer. We have developed a mini CT-pallet, which has following measures; 120 cm x 135 cm x 240 cm. This size can have 20 pieces on a 13,6 m trailer.


Depending on the sizes of the trees there can be from 12 to 30 pot-grown trees pr CC-container.

Pallet system

  50/60 cm 60/80 cm 80/100 cm 100/120 cm
CT-Pallet 200 pieces 150 pieces 130 pieces 130 pieces
CC-container 30 pieces 30 pieces 26 pieces 22 pieces