A Living Christmas Tree


Kirstineberg A/S have produced Pot grown Christmas trees for over 30 years and is one of Europe´s leading producer. The root system is strong and gives the little viable tree the best living conditions and few is capable of this production.

There is something special with a living Christmas tree. A tree that already have lived for many years and will continue to live for many years. At Kirstineberg, we are experts in living Christmas trees. We have developed our special production to perfection. Every tree is born with a robust root system and can be transplanted. A Kirstineberg tree is born to live, either it is going to live on a balcony or as a large, beautiful tree in the garden.

Kirstineberg A/S has always placed great emphasis on the quality of the product and the logistics. We achieve the good quality through a highly specialised production system where we repot and give the trees all our attention. The logistic is highly prioritized, as we know how important it is that the trees reach customers destination on time. This gives s a high rating at our customer, which gives a high customer satisfaction.


Kirstineberg A/S is concerned with a responsible and sustainable production. We are certified according to Global GAP, GRASP and MPS. We also deliver on several of UN global goals on sustainable development. This is a continuous work, as we both daily and annually looks for improvements where the production can become even more sustainable.

The unique about a Kirstineberg tree is that it is a viable tree, as the root system is intact in the pot. This entails that the trees have many applications. After Christmas it can be planted out or into a larger pot and be reused for next Christmas. Hereby, one does not take from nature BUT gives back to nature.

Kirstineberg A/S other products are as following; cutted trees. You can read more about under the menu item; “Products”.

Finally, a subsidiary produces ecological produced Christmas trees - Kirstineberg ECO.