Potgrown Abies Nordmanniana

Within every little tree there is a dream of growing large and become beautiful

It is all about letting the Christmas tree continue to live. Both as a tree and by the message of Christmas about joy life and joy. A Pot grown tree from Kirstineberg A/S is created to live either with a life on the balcony or as a large, beautiful tree in the garden. Each tree is borned with a robust root system.

Kirstineberg Prime

A beautiful tree from the leading producer in Europe, dense and cone formed, with a deep green colour.

  • A prime tree is harmonic and without any particular growth outcomes.
  • The tree is healthy and have a deep, green colour.
  • The tree is symetric and the branches is regular around the tree.

Kirstineberg A-mix

A nice cone formed tree, a light story tree. A quality tree with a beautiful deep green colour.

  • A-mix is a harmonic, cone formed tree without any particular growth outcome.
  • The tree is also healthy and have a deep green colour.
  • The tree is more open and can lack a branch in one of the branch wreaths.

Kirstineberg Standard 

A nice harmonic tree with a beautiful green colour. It can appear a bit open with a distance between the branches.

  • The tree should be fairly symmetric and the branches should be fairly evenly distributed around the tree.
  • The tree should be healthy and have a nice deep, green colour.

Kirstineberg B-mix

A harmonic green tree. The tree may appear open, lack a branch or have some needle loss.

  • The tree should be healthy and have a deep green colour. 
  • The tree trunk can be lopsided and it can have a curved top shot.
  • The tree appears nice and with the influence of  what nature creates.

Kirstineberg Natur 

The natural tree is not necessarily cone formed. There may be a missing part of a branch or a side branch, just as there may be some needle loss.

I am not perfect – just natural - that's how it is with nature.

  • The Nature category can have two growth outcomes.
  • The tree can be assymetric and  pruning as allowed.


The secret is a healthy and good root system

Every tree´s main artery is the root system. At Kirstineberg, we gradually plant the tree in larger pots, to secure a good development of the robust root system. Whether the tree is going to be placed at the balcony or planted our in the garden, its root system will secure the process of the tree to become a large and beautiful to around 10-15 meters.

The root system is essential for the sustainability of our tree as the tree can continue to live after being planted out.

Security of growth

Our highly specialised 4 – 6 year production form, secures an intact root system, were the roots stays in the pot. As far as the instructions are followed, our pot grown trees will continue to live and become a beautiful tree in the garden.