How do I care for my pot-grown tree?

  • It is a living plant, which through the needles breathes and evaporates water.
  • Protect the tree from drying out and direct heat.
  • Water the tree daily with 300-400 ml of water.
  • You have a healthy, strong, and durable tree which with the right care can provide many good experiences.
  • After Christmas, the tree should slowly get used to a colder climate but avoid to dry out the tree.
  • The Kirstineberg tree can be planted out after Christmas.

Before planting the tree out, following should be done:

  • The tree will become a large, strong tree, consider were to plant the tree.
  • Dig a large whole, three times as big as the root.
  • Mix the soil with sphagnum or related product, for the sake of the roots, it is important that the soil becomes more “loose”.
  • The tree can also be planted in a larger jar for the use on the balcony or porch.

Planting the tree out:

  • A pot-grown tree can successfully be planted out after Christmas.
  • It has grown in a pot since it was a young seedling.
  • The tree has been transplanted which gives this particular strong root system.
  • Protect the tree from drying out, water the tree regularly the first year after planting