What does Kirstineberg ECO produce?


Kirstineberg Eco, a subsidiary of Kirstineberg A/S, where we make use of our many experiences and knowledge over the last 30 years as a producer og potted Abies Nordmanniana. As the demand of ecological products has increased, we have through Kirstineberg Eco started an organic production of Abies Nordmanniana as well as organic spruce – Picea Abies.

It is a small fine tree which can be planted out after Christmas.

The trees are produced after the danish ecological guidelines, which means that all stages of the process are ecological.

Our goal with this production is to show the way for ecological production of real pot-grown Christmas trees.  It is clearly a professionally exciting challenge, which is in line with the company’s philosophy of that sustainability is in the centre of all what we do. As the trees are real pot-grown, they can be planted out after Christmas. It can also be potted in a larger pot. The root system is strong and will continue to live. Both Kirstineberg A/S and Kirstineberg Eco, is concerned about sustainability. We are controled every year by Danish authorities acording to rules of organic production. We also deliver on UN Sustainable Development Goals.