Pot-grown Abies Nordmanniana


Kirstineberg A/S, only produces high quality pot grown Christmas trees of the variety Abies Nordmanniana with a healthy and vital root system. Read more…


Trees from Kirstineberg A/S are GLOBAL G.A.P  and MPS certified. The nursery is continuously controlled by an extern auditor. Read more…


For delivery, the trees are wrapped in a net and provided with a care label. The trees can be delivered  on CC-containers or CT pallets. Read more …

Kirstineberg A/S

– Europe’s leading producer and supplier of Real Pot-grown Abies Nordmanniana

Kirstineberg Trees are exclusive and a high-quality products, which presents themselves very harmonic and beautiful in the pots. They are certified according to GLOBAL G.A.P and MPS Standards.

Every tree has grown in a pot to secure that it will develop a healthy and vital root system. The tree can be planted in the garden, where it will grow big and beautiful. It can also be left in the pot and kept on the balcony, in front of the house or for other outdoor purposes.

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Spring at Kirstineberg

Springtime at Kirstineberg It is Spring at Kirstineberg and time to pot our bareroot ECO red Spruce Christmas trees. From this year we put eco wood chips on the top of the pot, so we can reduce and maybe eliminate weeding by hand. This year we also use a grey pot produced by recycled material. […]

Watering Plants

Watering Plants Beautiful Rainbow in the water reflections while watering the small plants today. When the sun is shining so much and there is not much rain anymore we have started to water the trees manually.   It is a real sign of spring. (Click on the image to view full size)