Spring at Kirstineberg

Springtime at Kirstineberg

It is Spring at Kirstineberg and time to pot our bareroot ECO red Spruce Christmas trees.

From this year we put eco wood chips on the top of the pot, so we can reduce and maybe eliminate weeding by hand.

This year we also use a grey pot produced by recycled material.

So we have a more sustainable product to sell for the Christmas season 2020.


Watering Plants

Watering Plants

Beautiful Rainbow in the water reflections while watering the small plants today.

When the sun is shining so much and there is not much rain anymore we have started to water the trees manually.
It is a real sign of spring.

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Spring Delivery

Spring Delivery!

This is one of the first pallets of Kirstineberg this year delivered in the spring.

We can also deliver trees this time of the year because our trees is a nursery product.palle1

The tree can be used for Easter with decorations, or maybe be plantet outside in the
garden with a little light chain.

Spring at Kirstineberg

Spring at Kirstineberg

The sun is shining it’s spring at Kirstineberg and everything is popping out!

It’s been warm with sunshine for weeks now, which means there’s a lot of activity here at the nursery.

The trees are bursting out and we are doing everything we can to keep up with the high pace of the heat.

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