Pot-grown Abies Nordmanniana

A living Christmas Tree

There is something with a living tree. A tree grown in a pot that will continue to live for many years. At Kirstineberg, we are experts in living pot-grown Christmas trees. We have developed our special production, that every single tree is born with a solid root system.


We offer Kirstineberg Prime and Kirstineberg Standard quality trees.

The pot grown Abies Nordmanniana is sold in the following sizes:

  • 50/60 cm
  • 60/80 cm
  • 80/100 cm
  • 100/120 cm
  • 120/140 cm
  • 140/160 cm

All Nordmann fir pot-grown trees are Global G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice) and MPS certified

For further information go to Graduation for Pot Grown Nordmann Fir



Root System 

Picture of the Root system
  • The Root system helps to make the tree sustainable, as it is were the CO2 bounds.

  • Without a good root system, the tree cannot be planted out and continue to live.

  • The root system helps to make a living Christmas Tree.