pot-grown Abies NordmannianaKirstineberg A/S is specialized in the production of pot-grown Abies Nordmanniana and is today Europe’s leading producer and supplier.


Object and application

The consumer buys a beautiful and exclusive tree, which can be used as a Christmas tree and afterwards planted in the garden. Garden centres and similar outlets have got the advantage of being able to sell the tree twice a year, because it is a real nursery product. In case the tree is not sold as a Christmas tree it can be offered for replanting in spring or autumn.

The tree has grown in a pot to secure that it will develop a healthy and vital root system. The tree can therefore be planted in the garden, where it will grow big and beautiful, or it can be left in its pot and kept on the balcony or in the garden for other purposes.

Other products

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Beautiful trees in high quality…

Kirstineberg A/S produces exclusive trees of high-quality, visually harmonic and beautiful.

The pot grown Abies Nordmanniana ensures these high-quality demands by the following guidelines:

  • The tree is replanted manually at least 2 times according to its growth.
  • The tree is produced with high-grade raw materials.
  • Under controlled conditions the tree is given the needed nutrients.
  • During the manufacturing process the tree is constantly inspected and pruned into shape to secure the best quality.
  • The tree is produced with a minimum of resources.

Growth guarantee

Our very specialized and careful 4- 6 years production methods assure, that the tree has got well-developed roots, where the roots stay in the pot.

If care instructions are used, we guarantee the growth of the tree outdoor, and the nordmann fir will become a beautiful tree in the garden.