Produktion piktogram Production

Throughout the whole company, we focus on sustainability, and that is why we go even further than the requirement for organic production on a number of points. 

For example we wishes to reduce the amount of plastic, and that is why we reuse the Christmas tree net which also is produced from recycled plastic. 

The pots are either biodegradable or produced with a high proportion of recycled plastic. Read more about sustainability and how Kirstineberg delivers on a number of the  UN’s sustainable development goals.


Miljø  piktogram Sustainable Development 

Through the Danish certification of Organic Products, the production method and which excipients we must use have already been chosen.

As a company, we also focus on promoting the sustainability of each product, for example through more use of recyclable materials.

The unique thing about Kirstineberg ECO’s tree is that the very specialised and carefull production ensures an intact root net where the roots remain in the pot, which is why it is suitable for planting out after Christmas.


 Logistics solutions

We offer various logistics solutions:

The trees can be packed on cc-containers and pallets.

Call or write to us for details about our organic pot-grown Christmas trees.



 Pictures of trees on cc-containers and pallets

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