Some good advice

Some good advice

The consumer, who buys the tree, should lay the tree down during transportation. When used indoor, the tree should get accustomed to the indoors temperature slowly.

If possible, the tree should be placed as far away as possible from direct heat.

The tree should be watered daily with a quantity of 300-400 ml. 

After Christmas and in case of an outdoor use, the tree should get used to the temperature just as carefully.


When planted outside prepare the following:

  • Carefully consider the tree’s placement in the garden as the tree will grow big
  • The hole to be dug out should be 3 times as big as the actual roots
  • Mix the soil with for example humus to improve the air circulation
  • Remove the pot and stretch the roots gently in different directions
  • Place the tree right in the middle of the hole and cover the roots with the soil

It is also possible to plant the tree in bigger pots.