Delivery - Pot-grown Abies NordmannianaFor delivery, the trees are wrapped in a net and provided with a maintenance label.

The trees can be delivered either on cc-containers or using CT pallets.

CT pallets

Depending of the size of the trees there go 110 – 160 pot grown trees on a pallet. It is the cheapest transport system and it works well. Each pallet can weigh up to 1.700 kg. The pallets are 120 x 190 cm meaning that there is room for 14 pallets on a truck.

CC Container

Depending of the size of the trees there is room for 12-30 pot grown trees pr. cc-container. In all transport systems it is possible to mix the various heights, depending on the demand from the customer.

Pallets Systems

Number of trees per pallet

50/60 cm

60/80 cm

80/100 cm

100/120 cm

CT-Pallet NORMAL 200 pc 150 pc 130 pc 130 pc
CC-container 30 pc 30 pc 26 pc 22 pc